About us.

An all-round London-based digital marketing consultancy for the creative industries and beyond.

Our Services.

Integrated Digital Strategy
Social Media
Targeted Advertising
& Conversion tracking
Online Development
New Audience Reach

We Help.

Below the line, Intelligent, Cost-Effective Digital Marketing for your campaigns
with Impactful Results.
Creatives / Management.
Find and Connect to highly targeted audiences online and build good quality audiences from the ground up while engaging your current fanbase.

Our Approach.

Integrated Digital Strategy.
We view the online world as an integrated medium. We produce all-round plans to create a seamless user experience online carries the same narrative across channels and makes a timed impact on your online audiences.
Bespoke Campaigns.
Every client has a completely unique
identity. We therefore only offer an entirely bespoke service: we will always create plans tailored around you and your current objectives.
From a short social media plan to support online profile to an one-off advertising campaign to support an event.
Intelligent Marketing.
We use the latest digital marketing
techniques and apply them to your campaign: We select very tightly what audiences we approach each time and monitor their journey and experience, which then informs our next moves. We also set measurable indicators for your objectives and monitor these live as the campaign progresses, constantly reacting and optimising the campaign to achieve the best results

Our Work.

Previous Clients.


Other Services.

Beyond marketing we also offer our web and app design & development services as an independent service – visit taunt.dev